Allow Us To Explain:

The space at the top of your website is probably being wasted on your website right now. Don’t feel bad, most websites are guilty of wasting this precious space.

How am I so sure you’re wasting the most valuable spot on your website? Because if you had an “Explanation Video” near the top of your website, every visitor would instantly watch it (that’s a proven fact).

We can even animate that video like the one you see above to get you even better results than a “Normal” video.

This video is where you present who you are and what you do. People don’t have to read your entire website. In fact, people won’t read your entire website, so pay attention to what I’m saying here…

The saying “First Impressions Are Everything” — is not understood by most website owners.

Your video is where your visitors see your main idea and product or service for the very first time.

Obviously, your presentation must be perfect! — Engaging, Informative, Fun and Entertaining.

When you make your “First Impression” right, you immediately form a permanent connection with each visitor… –Do this wrong, and your visitors click away like a deer hearing a gunshot!

By having us create and add a video or animated video near the top of your website, you’ve just given yourself an “Unfair Advantage.” –Yes, your competition will hate you, but you’ll double your sales!

Can you think of any reason why you wouldn’t want to separate yourself from everyone else on the internet by being as unique and helpful as possible?

This is where Cartoon Its comes to your rescue…

Cartoon Its lets you have a short, two or three minute movie that will instantly draw the eye of your visitors and explain why they should do business with you.

Cartoon Its turns your website into a helpful story that will always keep your visitors from leaving your site. A boring website is practically a sin.

We already have many animated cartoon style characters for you to choose from. Each character is hand-drawn by a professional cartoonist/animator.

Our animated characters interact with your product or service. These characters tell an entertaining story that captivates your viewers. This way, you don’t look like a sales person. Our fun characters will showcase the features and benefits of doing business with you.

Many businesses are complicated. Our characters explain what you do in the most simple way possible, so your visitors will quickly do business with you.

Our animated movies will ALWAYS make you “STAND OUT” in this crowded internet!

So how do you get started?