We have a no-nonsense/no tolerance Anti-Spam policy.  Spam is never tolerated within our online networks. 

Warning: We prosecute those who use our name and or network resources to spam under any circumstances.  We forbid the act of sending unsolicited emails of any type in connection with our servers/services. Cartoonits applies the "CAN-SPAM" act of 2003 to any violators of this policy. The act of illegal spamming can cause severe damage to all parties involved.  We agressively pursue spammers and hold them accountable.

We consider spamming to be any sending of email whereby email is directly or indirectly sent to any other email addresses that have not solicited such email communication and do not consent to such transmissions. We also consider spamming to constitute the posting/submitting of advertisements on message boards or in chat rooms where they are not allowed by the host sites terms and conditions.

Any Spamming violation within our network will be delt with by the following:

A. Blacklisting.  When we catch a spammer, that individual or entity will be blacklisted. Next this individual/entity will be handed over to the appropriate  law enforcement agencies.  Also, these individuals/entities will be banned from doing business with us for life.  These offending individuals/entities won’t be allowed to represent any of our products or services. They will be removed from any/all accounts they may have had with us.

B. Offenders Will Lose Any Digital information or Commissions: Any commissions acquired will be forfeited by offending  individuals/entities caught spamming.

C.  Fine: We will assess a $300.00 to $1,000.00 fine to help recover any losses that we may or may not have experienced as a result of your Spam.

Use of any name owned by Cartoonits to take part in the activities of unsolicited e-communication is prohibited.

Use of any Cartoonits owned networks or other resources for the creation or transmission of unsolicited e-mail (spam) communications is strictly prohibited.
Reselling of or sharing our products through the use of unsolicited e-mail (spam) communications is strictly prohibited.

Using our services, software, or other third party solution to market any product/service in any way related to us using unsolicited e-mail communications is strictly prohibited.

Using our name or resources/servers/properties in any illegal activity is prohibited. This includes both Federal and State law regarding Spam and unsolicited e-mail communications.

Any abuse that causes damages to our company is covered by this.

Cartoonits believes in zero-censorship, either to or from our network, UNLESS the information transmitted is illegal, believed to be causing harm to our reputation, or is clearly used for fraud or other illegal purposes.